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headaches Kits: 11. Hometown: . Heard about us: Used your generous donations for previous deployment. Duties: Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations. Current Pads: Army GI Issued. Comments: I am sending this request on behalf of my platoon as we are preparing to train for an upcoming rotation. Many of our guys utilize the Army GI issued…

huge headaches

huge headachesKits: 40. Hometown: Corona, Ca. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: EOD. Current Pads: Basic Issue. Comments: The current pads we have give us huge headaches and never fit our head correctly! I’ve heard such great things about the pads and know the will greatly improve our mission!  SPC, US Army

pads are rock hard

pads are rock hardKits: 3. Hometown: Stow Ohio. Heard about us: google search. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: the standard issue hard as rock pads. Comments: I’m ordering these for my son & his humvee crew after I read everything that has been written about the standard issue pads. My son is a tanker serving in…

enough pads for our entire Company?

enough pads for our entire Company?Kits: 98. Hometown: Red Bluff, California. Heard about us: A Company 1SG. Duties: Ord NCO. Current Pads: Basic Issued Pads, NIIN 015469358. Comments: I was wondering if we would be able to order enough pads for our entire Company? Morale is important and anything/everything we can do as a whole…

Pads wear out quickly

Pads wear out quicklyKits: 1. Hometown: Bolivar, New York. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Scout. Current Pads: Basic issue, black, sewn seam, soft texture, size large. Comments: Pressure point on forehead, too big inside ACH, makes it difficult to get a good coverage over top of head. Pads wear out quickly. SSG, US Army