A Senior Officer speaks out about TBI

Thank you so much, Sir.  We really appreciate what you and so many others are doing for the troops here.  Many of us are upgrading our equipment on our own dime due to budget cuts…from body armor, to helmets and to weapons accessories.  TBI is a huge risk in our current situation as we meet with our Afghan counterparts and advisees almost on a daily basis.  I wish the DoD and VA would do a solid cost-benefit analysis that looks at the total cost of TBIs, back injuries and other injuries attributed to lower cost armor and helmets over the course of a veteran’s lifetime rather than the myopic view of the immediate cost of improved helmets and body armor.  I guarantee the medical costs attributed to low cost, heavy and rigid body armor far exceed the cost of improved helmets and body armor. Thank you for what you are doing to reduce the number of TBIs suffered by our troops here.