Attention USMC: YOU CAN DO BETTER! Just listen to your Marines

7/19/17:Kits requested: 190. Hometown: Heard about us: Fellow officer in the battalion. Your pads are a night and day difference. Make wearing kevlar with NVGs for eight hours bearable.. Duties: Deploying on 31st MEU, Okinawa Japan, conducting patrolling operations in the Pacific to Include Australia, South Korea and other Pacific countries (TBD). Current Pads: Issued gray pads. Stiff, uncomfortable, fail to break-in and conform to the individuals head.. Comments: I apologize I could not articulate in the above line about the “current pads.” I was lucky enough to receive a pair of your pads that a fellow officer ordered for his platoon. The difference is night and day. With the issued Kevlar pads from the Marine Corps, clearly the inferior quality pads that are stiff and uncomfortable. There is always a degree of discomfort in full kit and Kevlar helmet, but add hours of continuous wear along with the weight of NVGs at night, the current pads fail to alleviate the pain, but rather, enhance it. The Oregon Aero pads are the opposite. They are durable, comfortable, and help conform to your head. I want everyone who wear a Kevlar helmet to wear these pads. Not one person I have talked to has given Oregon Aero pads a negative review. Thank you for what you are doing. It is humbling to see individuals and organizations that provide such unselfish support and services.. 1stLt, USMC