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The unfiltered postings of a retired Navy Captain and Medical Doctor – fellow with the American Board of Preventative Medicine (Aerospace) and Ophthalmology and is certified with the American Board of Ophthalmology, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Born and raised in Glen Rose, Texas, Meaders received a bachelor of science degree from Southern Methodist University and his medical degree from the University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical School. Vietnam Veteran.

DOD, NCAA Form Alliance to Fight Concussions

DOD, NCAA Form Alliance to Fight Concussions The Defense Department and the NCAA are partnering in a $30 million initiative to combat concussions, the Pentagon announced Nov. 7. The initiative will look at ways to improve prevention, protection, and treatment of concussions in athletics, during military training, and in combat, states the release. “This grand…

Still Operating

Even with the drawdown, we’re receiving requests almost daily. We’ve relaxed our criteria for eligible troops to include anyone serving OTW in Iraq or Afghanistan plus any Special Ops or EOD personnel. If  you’re deploying as a Quick Reaction force, anti-terrorism support or other assignments that are likely to put you in harm’s way and needing to wear head…

Latest news from the front line:

These are some of the latest emails from troops in Afghanistan. Combat effectiveness, performance and safety are all being degraded by the poorly engineered/produced helmet pads now being issued by the military. The cost would be minimal to issue every single warrior in Afghanistan with the more wearable, comfortable, protective helmet pads that we now…


Mark Meaders

Our old Frontpage powered website finally gave up late last week and we are now about halfway through the upgrade to a new engine.  Please forgive the broken links and missing graphics.  The most critical items: requesting upgrade kits, allowing contributions, access to Doc Bob’s blog, and providing a way for folks to see what troops are requesting are working.  If you find a problem with any of this please send an email to ophelm at with the specific issue and provide the broken link URL.

thanks, m2

2014 Starfish

Making a difference, one warrior at a time: The Starfish Story A man was walking towards the beach and saw a young boy bend over, pick something up and toss it gently into the ocean. Bemused, the man watched the boy do the same thing over and over. He walked over to the boy and…

2014 Needs

Our troops are fighting, risking life and limb in the face of IED’s and other ambushes in order to protect YOUR life and the future safety of America. If able, PLEA$E Make a Donation today. It’s a matter of life and death for our combat troops. And it’s tax deductable, as we’re a 501-c-3 public charity paying no…

2014 Cher

Wife LaVera and I were able to spend a short while backstage with Cher this week in Houston…she loves the troops and encourages us to keep on keeping on…and we will.


How about using some of your tax refund to help these guys and others like them going outside the wire daily at great risk, doing the job we ask of them. Personally, I’m donating directly to Operation Helmet from my IRA; that way there’s no tax consequence for the withdrawal. Can’t keep that up too long, but will do it as long as possible. Old saying: you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time. My teeth are getting sore.

Cat’s have been know to walk away, relatively uninjured from falls over 7 stories high (Google told me this) because:

1) Cats relax and spread the load over their entire body.  OA pads, in use are “relaxed” and spread the load over the entire surface.

2) Cats use firm, but yielding legs, and engage their entire body on sudden impact.  OA pads essentially do the same thing.

3) Cats don’t need you, you need them.