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Helmet Upgrade Requests from US Army personnel – Soldiers

March 17, 2011: In a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’ Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, the Army’s PEO Soldier blamed helmet discomfort on inadequately fitted helmets not worn appropriately with all pads in place. See emails below for what troops who actually wear helmets in combat have to say about that.

And now, from the pointy end of the spear: emails from the heart: direct quotes with (most) expletives deleted


Hard pads cause headaches

Hard pads cause headachesKits: 2. Hometown: Los angeles. Heard about us: Blog. Duties: Convoy. Current Pads: Issued, grey. Comments: Hard pads, causes headaches while conducting extended convoy operations. Spc, US Army

The pads we use now are rocks

Rock padsKits: 25. Hometown: Austin, Texas. Heard about us: Airborne Infantrymen I went to a school with. Duties: D.A.R.T DOWNED AIRCRAFT RECOVERY TEAM. Current Pads: Grey rock hard pads NSN 8470-01-046-9407. Comments: The pads we use now are rocks. they give soldiers migraines and are awful to use for a long period of time. You…

The ones that are issued today are the lowest quality

The ones that are issued today are the lowest qualityKits: 40. Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio. Heard about us: Have purchased your helmet pads previously to use in Iraq & Afghanistan. Duties: INFANTRY, SSP, CONVOY OPERATIONS. Current Pads: Oregon Aero MICH/ACH Helmet Padding. Comments: For over a decade through 3 combat deployments, I have used your helmet…

Current pads cause severe discomfort

Current pads cause severe discomfortKits: 10. Hometown: Glastonbury CT. Heard about us: Former XO. Duties: Infantry. Current Pads: Gray issued. Comments: Current pads cause severe discomfort and don’t allow for proper fit on all head shapes. SGT, USMC Kits: 12. Hometown: . Heard about us: Website. Duties: Convoy. Current Pads: Skydex. Comments: No cushioning, almost…

Hurts my head

Hurts my headKits: 10. Hometown: Houston. Heard about us: on the net just looking around. Duties: Artillery. Current Pads: gray pads. Comments: Pads and chin strap hurt my head and that of my Soldiers.. SSG, US Army