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No budget to buy helmet pads

No budget to buy helmet padsKits: 75. Hometown: Autaugaville,AL. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: We will be QRF port security in Kuwait. Current Pads: Not sure of brand but they’re gray. The material attaches to Velcro. Comments: I’m the unit supply and I have been trying to purchase helmet pads through unit funds but they…

Helping Marines

USMC Infantry

Kits: 25. Heard about us: received kits from your organization during deployment to AFG in 2014. Duties: medical support. Current Pads: Unknown. Comments: Thank you very much for your support to troops. HM2/E5, USN

Helmet wear creates a lot of pressure … on the forehead

Helmet wear creates a lot of pressure … on the foreheadKits: 30. Hometown: Clare, MI. Heard about us: Google. Duties: Combat Engineer. Current Pads: Unit pad. Comments: We have been to NTC twice this year and have an upcoming deployment and extended wear of the helmet creates a lot of pressure, especially on the forehead.…

The pads we use now are rocks

Rock padsKits: 25. Hometown: Austin, Texas. Heard about us: Airborne Infantrymen I went to a school with. Duties: D.A.R.T DOWNED AIRCRAFT RECOVERY TEAM. Current Pads: Grey rock hard pads NSN 8470-01-046-9407. Comments: The pads we use now are rocks. they give soldiers migraines and are awful to use for a long period of time. You…

The ones that are issued today are the lowest quality

USMC Infantry

The ones that are issued today are the lowest qualityKits: 40. Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio. Heard about us: Have purchased your helmet pads previously to use in Iraq & Afghanistan. Duties: INFANTRY, SSP, CONVOY OPERATIONS. Current Pads: Oregon Aero MICH/ACH Helmet Padding. Comments: For over a decade through 3 combat deployments, I have used your helmet…

Current issued pads cause pain

USMC Infantry

Current issued pads cause painKits: 1. Hometown: Houston, TX. Heard about us: Fellow Marine/ Friend. Duties: Tactical Communications. Current Pads: Issued Gray Pads. Comments: Current issued pads cause pain. 2ndLt, USMC

Game-changing pads

Game-changing padsKits: 12. Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas. Heard about us: My senior enlisted leaders. Duties: infantry. Current Pads: stock DOD garbage. Comments: Hey man, a few years ago my Seniors got us these great new kevlar pads during my first deployment (OEF 10-2). Now it’s my turn to be a senior NCO, and I’d like…