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All worn out from deployment!!

All worn out from deployment!!Kits: 1. Hometown: . Heard about us: friend in my unit. Duties: infantry joint training. Current Pads: grey with oblong written on it. Comments: been with these same pads since i first got to my unit its been 3 years now all worn out from deployment!!. LCPL, USMC

Constant headache

Kits: 1. Duties: infantry. Current Pads: basic. Comments: Constant headache with my pads now. LCpl, USMC Kits: 2. Hometown: Fort Bragg, NC. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Basic mission force protection. Current Pads: Army issue pads. Comments: I have difficulties with the original pads and using my hearing protection. It gives me a headache stuffing…

CIF issued pads are horrible

Kits: 12. Hometown: LEESBURG. Heard about us: Friend. Duties: Training entry level students. Current Pads: CIF ISSUED. Comments: I really enjoy the pads you sent me and my co workers would really like a set. We wear our helmets all day long and the CIF issued pads are horrible. Sergeant, USMC.   CIF = Central…

They give me a headache

Kits: 2. Hometown: Peoria illinois.  Duties: Infantry [opsec]. Current Pads: Army colored came with issued kevlar. Comments: They give me a headache . Ive had them since afghanistan. Sgt, USMC

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System

Marine Looking For Better Helmet Pad System Kits: 1. Duties: Currently infantry training. Current Pads: Grey and black, sewn seam, velcro. Comments: they are extremely firm, especially when it gets into the colder months, it feels like there’s rocks in my helmet. Sgt, USMC